Long Unhappy Wkend

Had a big row over e long wkend wit my guy... Hmm mayb is my boredom at hm heats up e quarrel... I can understan his work bt jus tat I stil wan to nag over it... I m so gd lor.. nv go out for 3 days... Stay at hm. Tidy up my wardrobe, ironin a quarter of my clothes. It looks neater nw. Haha.. Gd job! Watch tv... Sleepin away... Til I fever la.. Thanks lei.. Haiz.. Onli went out to e nearest plc frm my home: market. Haha.. Go buy my lunch n dinner... Bought a pooh bear cushion for jus $3.90. Gd deal rite? Luv tat.. Cant wait to show my guy.. Den tis is hw I spend my long wkends... So we quarrel til yesterday mornin. Try to curb my anger by nt shoutin at him liao bt stil he did it n I reali lose my temper n did it bk too.. So end up stil, both of us in anger. Bt kind of cool off after hangin up. He called up later and so end of our quarrel. Long time nv quarrel wit him... Suddenly he shout here n there... Abit nt use to it... Aiya.. I tink he knows too. I like to find fault wit him.. If dun like tat, hw to get his attention? His attention for mi always diverts one.. Mus pull it back manually. I doubt he agrees to my statement.. Anyway, I stil lub him tat much.. Woohoo... Today I rem abt our travel insurance. So I apply in advance jus in case. Since I rem, I beta do it. If nt, I sure forget. So both of us r secure.. Woohoo... Countdw to my holidays.. Another thing is, one of our accountant was asked to leave. So surprisin. He was jus borrowin my charger last Fri n on tat day, he left. Bloody hell tis company.. So cruel one.. I noe la.. Recession. Cut cost. Dun nit like tat ma... Sure is tat Finance mgr behind everythin. Dun like guys.. Kaoz.. Sexist ar! She reali one kind of pervert... Anyway, gd luck to my ex coll. Hope he finds a job soon... Pay day is tml!!!! Woohoo.. Nit to pay alot of things especially my credit card bills.. Cheers...

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