Take a break...

After nite of long thots, I hv come to a conclusion. At least, drops of tears for my naive thots for so long... At least, I hv thot of it again.. N nv wil I regret frm nw. Shall set my mind on wat I shd do. C myself in 3 yrs time n tat is by den I hit 30. Wat wil I b? Wat wil I b doin? Ya.. at least again, is more realistic.. To mi at least.
2009 (28 yrs old): Once completed my last paper for e 4 yrs of agony, I shall take a bloody break.. A long break for my Financial status... Shall nt tink of doin anytin n jus purely savin up more money. Mayb, take up some lessons on squash, tennis etc... A holiday out of tis Island is a definite. Bt savin up is stil my main priority. Den mayb wit my diploma, c if my boss wil giv mi some realistic amt of increment. I tink I wont ask for much especially no promotion for mi.. Giv mi e increment tat I wan n I do wat I can for my current position. Bt my boss eva say tat u wan tat amt of $$, yr work scope mus increase. For my position, gt wat more things I can do? *laughz* C hw. Basically, I m tinkin of savin up nia. So shall stil stay n overcome al e stupid nonsense tat is always comin up for mi in tis environment. Can handle, is gd. Cannot handle, den throw to my boss to settle. Shall start increasin my household allowance to my mum. Shall oso increase tat amt I investin in tat little plan. X 2 of my current amt. For 2009, I shall b a happy lady again wit no financial crisis. Shall nt hv any materialistic thots again. Liv a day by a day...
2010 (29 yrs old): A year which I nit to spend a big sum of $$$. Shall take up my aerobics instructor course which wil cost ard 1k. Once get myself certified, shall find freelance job on tat to earn back tis amt.. Make it worthwhile. To mi, is quite a relax job cos al u nit is yr energy n creativity in choregraphin in moves.. Taken aerobics n kickbox classes. Quite fun though tiring. At least, it makes u feel relaxed after a day at work. Agree? *laughz* Next up, shall b my degree. Shouldn't stop jus at diploma. Tat is my own opinion. Though rite nw in our workin society, hw u work may b impt bt stil, qualification wil nv run away frm employers' mind. I hv thot of strivin up to e mgt post. Bt tis wil definitely take time. Cos at least for tis yr, I hv no thots yet to change job. Slowly ba. Tis post shall take mi another 5 yrs estimated. Mayb.. *laughz* Away frm topic again! Tat's mi. Ok. My degree. Areadi thot of it for mani yrs eva since I study in SP. Shall take up my Bachelor in Biz Admin in SIM accredited by RMIT. Hee.. For 2.5 yrs or 2 yrs, it al depends. At least when I m 30 or 31, I get my degree which I supported myself tru out witout my parents financing. To b frank, my dad finance my diploma course onli for e first sem which is e enrolment time n den al e way, is on my own. So e diploma is oso I supported myself. YahOoo.. somethin tat I shd b proud of. So conclusion for 2010, is jus upgradin my knowledge n enhancin my skills in somethin which I wil b comfortable wit etc.. Bt stil, savin up is a on-goin mission for Ms Chen. No materialistic thots as usual. Increasin my household allowance n little investment as usual.. I tink by 2010, I m financially stable. So can reali support my family. Let alone tat lousy brother of mine... Hmm.. wait for him to support e family, stil gt a long way. He is stil young, 4 yrs younger than mi. Hey, nt to forget. A short trip out of town again. Hee... Tats al for 2010.
2011 (30 yrs old): Start plannin on settin up my own aerobics studio. Plannin stage. Meanwhile, savin up e capital as usual which I start al along. 1 whole list of things waitin for mi to activate my little brain (though big head) to tink. I giv myself 3 to 5 yrs time for my 1st studio.. Lots of market research to do.. So shall c abt tat. Shall use al tat I hv learn in my education path in my own biz... Agree? Tis is a long term plan.. Shall nt let anythin to get on my way.. Hee... By nw tis yr, shd b in my 2nd year of my degree course. As usual, my thinkin is, finish up my education route n dun let it b a regret. I wan to b known as a degree holder. Bt tis yr, hvin a degree is v common liao. Anyway, I wan it. Tats my thot. I giv myself a time frame. Til 2011, if I haven settle dw yet, I shall drop e idea of marriage totally. To mi, is over the prime time of mine. Shall concentrate on my plans on e settin up of studio and completin my degree course. Shall strive hard for my career n my own future. Y waste time on bein a desperado for marriage? Once e time is over, I hv gt nt much youth left wit to waste. Jus b contented wit wat I hv. My family who wil nv eva giv up on mi, my gal frens who I lov most, my pay check n nt to forget, my guy.
Tats al for wat I c n plan in 3 yrs.. So in my 27 yrs old which is nw, shall b my e completion of my diploma. No more.. It seems like I dun look forward to e year end trip anymore.. I duno y.. Bt after a nite of long thots, I suddenly gt no feel for tat. Jus hope to complete my diploma e fastest possible. At least, stage by stage, I hv got tru my tests. Completin my sch projects stage by stage. So Ms Chen, pls put al yr concentration n focus on yr last year of studies. Frm nw, no materialistic thots. Jus small little cute indulgence for yrself if u pass yr Year 4 first semester exam in Aug. Ok.. a new n gd mp3 player ba.. Shall go for tat... Cos Ms Chen likes music therapy instead of retail therapy. Cos gt side effect for retail therapy.. Is costly.. N oso, spend more time wit my buddies. N my guy too. Tats al I wanted for 2008. Haha.. A hapi Ms Chen once again...


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