SHE Concert

Haha... it was a damn shiok concert! Though I go alone, but I reali enjoy it... But behind al tis enjoyment, there is a price to pay..... I m stuck in the cab at ECP from 7.30pm to 8.25pm... Hmm... due to the soccer match, e traffic flow al go towards the stadium... I was so upset in e cab n I oso upset the cab driver. Haha... Bt lucky enuff, when I rch there n found my seat, immediately the concert start. Thank god!!! Saw Fei Lun Hai and Stefanie Sun.... They are the special guest! Hmm... Everythin was so best. Luv al e songs. They reali can sing well... Their vocal was good... My god! They are reali e best gal band of Taiwan. Hmm.. after enjoyin e nite, come another prblm.

When the concert end, is 1 hr away frm midnite. Damn it.. Outside is drizzling... Kaoz... Then I duno my way back lor. I wanted to head to Kallang MRT. Then I stupid enuff to follow e crowd n end up duno where I m. Wanted to take cab bt nv draw money n oso hard to hail a cab sia.... Duno hw lor. Then lucky enuff... I happen to c my fren n she direct mi to take a bus which goes to Clementi... Thank god. Is nearer to my hse. So I took e bus lor.. Waited for quite sometime lor... In e bus, I prayin to c a UOB Atm machine lor... If nt, hw to take cab home? Arrgghhh... By then I reach Clementi is 12 plus near 1am le... Hee... Finally Home Sweet Home!!!!!!

Nv slp la... I watch SCV. Hee finally I gt SCV le... I can watch lots of shows... N chase idols too... Haha... MUACKS!!

Thot it wil b a happy day cos watchin the 1st concert in my life and oso hvin my SCV install...

Then end up, I stil can owe cabby's fare lor... Bt e driver was good. He trusted me. He gave me his bank account n I transfer my cab fare to him when I was at Clementi. Stil I count myself lucky to get help frm ppl..