=+ New Beginning +=

It has been a wk plus since I started my new job. Satisfy at e moment. Duno wat wil happen next! Bt rite nw, I stil hapi wit my job, my boss, colleagues n e environment. But heard tat politics is v jia lat in e company. Haiz.. Jus avoid those ppl lor, wat to do? I jus wish to stay in e co. for at least til I graduate frm Poly. At least by then, I learn lots of things. So I mus make myself hapi at work, get along well wit those who dun hv ulterior motive. My Year 2 Sem 1 start le.. My Financial Accounting is nothin but drivin mi nuts!!! I reali hate Accounts lor yet I cant escape frm it. HR is my fav n is my goal of scoring Distinction. Tats y I v hardworkin for this module. Biz Stat abit complicating bt hope to learn it fast la... Lastly my Report Writing and Presentation Skills is my another module, aiming for Distinction. I tag team wit my buddy in class to do the project. Haha.. We r e best partners. I dunwan let anythin affect my goals for tis 2 modules, even my work in e day. After 17 June, I dun nit scare tat I breach the contract wit e job agency. Shiok ar!!! Yesterday after lunch, my colleagues and I were abt to go bk office when one of them saw some cutie things in a shop. OMG!!! Al those fav cartoon characters lor.. especially gt my fav Pooh Bear. We 3 gals bought so much. Haha.. It is jus too cute le lor... N reasonable price actually. Haha.. Wahaha.. We r goin again mayb next wk... C if there is any new stuff.. Had lunch at Subway last wk.. Lots of veggie in the sandwich lor.. Shiok ar!!! Nv eat olive b4 n tasted it on tat day. Yummy..... Enuff of my workplace. My fren jus came bk frm Japan. Wow.. good hor she... I wan to go.. I wan save up enuff $$$ for my trip to Japan too next yr Mar or Apr... I wish to go lots of place. Bt hope gt e time... I haven even fulfill my Taiwan trip lor.. Too bz le wit work, studies and my activities. Anyway best way to save up $$$$ ma...


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