~mOi first pO fOr 2OO6

Yeah... Finally gt e time to post liao. For e last 14 days, like nt much achievement. 1st day of 2006, I went wit my gal fren n her guy to our DARLIN's hse.. Yeah... A Xmas cum New Year party. A unique design of her hse. Nice. She gt lots of SIMs lei. Haiz.. I wan to play!! I luv tis game. N e doggy Misty, look so much like my Uncle's dog. Bt keep barkin at ME!!! Shit. Anyway, we gossip abt tis n tat then went off ard 7plus. Hmm.. Luv it.. Then gt back my Macro assignment. I gt 95! Surprise rite? Mi too. Partly my dad help. Haha.. Lucky mi! Mi n Jo went for a trial belly dance class @ Tanjong Pagar. $5 n I luv it. Kind of difficult cos u nit to control part by part of e body. Ok tats a gd exposure to belly dance. E instructors dance reali well. Then hor.. I went to Ministry of Sound with my frens. Long q sia.. N when we went in, e place is damn big n nice lor. Bt music turn off lor.. So later on we switch to Dbl O. Beta lei. Retro Nite.!!! Haha.. After went for supper at Jurong West. Raining heavily. Damn gd for my sleep. Yeah.. Jus yesterday, mi n Ash went to Jo's hse for steamboat. Yummy... I ate too much.. We talk n talk abt tis n tat as usual. Haha.. Then went off ard 6plus lor... We took a ride on Jo's dad's lorry. Mi n Ash sat at e back. And we went crazy as e lorry moved. So shiok.. We scream to our heart out. E wind blow... So shiok.. Ash even wave at ppl on e road. Haha.. We r damn Crazy!!! Today went hi-tea with Jo n her sis at Carlton Hotel. Yummy.. We ate too much oso. Gt balloon frm e Balloon Aunty.. So nice, e colour combination. Then after our v full hi tea, we went to Bugis to shop around... Then tat is e end of today... Haha...


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