Local Travel | Loner's Wonderful Day Out - Tiong Bahru Part Three


Oh well... The Link Hotel at Tiong Bahru... Has been there for quite a number of years... So convenience. Just 5 mins to Tiong Bahru market. It is also another boutique hotel. Check out the link The Link Hotel Singapore

As I walked along the shophouses down Hotel Nostalgia, saw this optical shop. I heard of this optical shop through Rediffusion since young. And it is still here. Wow... One of those old optical shop. Well done! It survived after so many years...

It is really rare to see a bookshop here. The French Bookshop. Didn't went in. No mood for books. Hahah... But love seeing this kind of concept shop around. Check out the link The French Bookshop

And so I walk back to where I come from... Is as if I walk into another dimension. Eh... I don't know exactly where and which route I took which leads me to Eng Hoon Street. Walk down to Tiong Poh Road, I saw a cafe!

I find the inside so cosy... Melting me. So I stopped there for a tea. The pastries and tarts are soooo pretty and nice. OMG!!! I can't stand it. And not only that, they have others like salads, sandwiches, tea and coffee etc, for you to choose from. Marvellous. Is freshly made. And so I had one of their many tarts.... Yummy...

Don't you think is nice? Big cherries and blueberries. OMG!!!!!! I had this pic in my Instagram too. Some other pics in my phone too. I really have to share with all you peeps out there. 

Please do visit that place for a tea, be it alone or with your loved one, friends and even family. Check out their link Drips Bakery Cafe

Alright. I did lots of walking for the day. Follow my feeling and walk through this nostalgic estate. So just follow the pics and you will know how I feel for the day...

It is a unique window I have ever seen.
Wow beancurd and porridge stall!

Ok is almost ending. After my trip here, I decided to end my 2hrs+ near 3hrs trip by continuing my walk to Redhill MRT instead taking the train at Tiong Bahru. Because I actually have a last place to go before I head home. My dad used to call it Tiong Bahru Park. There is a school there, Gan Eng Seng. When I was young, my parents used to bring me there. There is a pond with tadpoles and I remember I was so fascinated by the black little thing in the pond, going round and round. And the playground. How many playgrounds now in Singapore has sand? Not many I guess. The playgrounds I have been to when I was young is sand kind. Love it. And my bro and I will always dirty ourselves with the sand, building sand houses and whatsoever we can think of. Those were memories of the playground times.

I missed my childhood life here. Playing swing with my cousins, the slides, merry-go-round... Haiz... Too bad. I have grown up and too old for all these. Hope the relevant authorities will continue to preserve this playground.

And so I continue to walk my way to the station.

The End.

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